Sadhana, directed by Subathra Subramaniam, seeks to create innovative connections between the arts and sciences through the medium of South Asian dance.  With eleven years experience as co-director of critically acclaimed British South Asian dance company, Angika, Suba is known for work which draws strength from the richness of bharatanatyam whilst forging unusual creative relationships.

Sadhana’s latest work, The Shiver, explores the psychology and physiology behind what makes us shiver in a unique collaboration with poet Lemn Sissay and neuroscientist Professor Morten Kringelbach.

Suba is education director of Cape Farewell, an international project which brings together young people, artists, scientists, educators and journalists to raise awareness about climate change. Suba is a regular presenter for Teachers TV and runs regular workshops for a variety of organisations.  With Associate Artist posts at South East Dance, University College London, Wycombe Swan Theatre and Merlin Theatre, Suba is also an Akademi Associate Choreographer.


Sadhana is recommended to all

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