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Olympic Opening Ceremony hits home


 Sanjeevini Dutta muses on what made the Olympic Opening ceremony so appealing to the vast audiences watching.

 What was it that made the Olympic Opening ceremony so affecting and memorable for the vast majority of the 27 million viewers of this nation? Though referred to as the 'best inside joke' by the Washington Post suggesting some cultural references may have been lost on those not from these Isles, it did not matter as characters like Bond and Bean are universally known and loved.

The Mad and Divine Conference

Vyjanthimala Bali credit Sanjeevini D

Vyjanthimala Bali 

23rd -25th December 2011

Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, Mylapore, Chennai

Organised by Kartik Fine Arts, Convened by Anita Ratnam

Sanjeevini Dutta attended the Conference gives her reflections,  hailing the excellence in presentation, performance and discussion.




 A three day assembly of artists, academics, performers and rasikas took place at the Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan under the auspices of Kartik Fine Arts, in Mylapore, Chennai. Curated and convened by Dr Anita Ratnam, of Arangham Trust and of the ubiquitous,, this performer and global promoter of Indian dance has a deep and wide understanding of the form.

Bayadère – The Ninth Life

128_upfront_ News_Looking Ahead_Bayadere_img_101_credit_Chris Nash .jpg

Shobana Jeyasingh's Bayadère – The Ninth Life previews at mac Birmingham on 18th March and opens in London on 25th March. We share here our article from the coming issue of Pulse.

Photo: Chris Nash

A Temple Dancer’s Troubles: Bayadère ‒ The Ninth Life

Aditi Mangaldas In Conversation

Within | Photo: Nono Chawla

Aditi Mangaldas is one of the foremost kathak dancers of India; dynamic, charismatic and thoughtful, her solo and group choreography gives a contemporary face to an ancient art form. Her Company Drishtikon's appearance at the Alchemy Festival, South Bank Centre on 22nd and 23rd May 2014 is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the season.

Sanjeevini Dutta talks to Aditi on Skype to find out more about the piece Within, that will have its UK Première at the QEH next week.

What was the inspiration for Within and how did it develop?


Image Source: 
Sanjeevini Dutta
Fri, 2014-04-11

Navodit: Parbati Chaudhury and Natalie Rout


Angira Kotal- Sangeet Ratna In Conversation with Sanjeevini Dutta

Angira Kotal.JPG

Angira Kotal tells Sanjeevini Dutta about the musical journey which has brought her to the Sangeet Ratna

Last year at this time, Angira Kotal was an unknown overseas student, enrolled on a Diploma course at the University of Essex. Then an event catapulted her into the limelight: encouraged by the reception to a thumri she sang on Wolverhampton City Radio's "Surtarang", Angira resolved to apply for the Milapfest Young Musician award- the Sangeet Ratna. In July, at a glittering event at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool, she was declared a winner of the title (with a £2,500 cash prize) for the most promising young musician.


Sophie Khan Levy and Tony Hasnath
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Robert Day

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
Reviewed by Sanjeevini Dutta



Tue, 2013-09-17

 Cymbeline, one of Shakespeare's later plays, has been described by Bernard Shaw as 'stagey thrash' for its multiple-plot lines and predictable outcomes. Phizzical's production ably directed by Samir Bhamra re-locates the narrative to the home of Bollywood, which pedals equally fantastical plots. Thus the bard and Bollywood become strange bedfellows in a production that fizzes with energy, charm and imagination.

In Conversation with Malavika Sarukkai

Credit: Courtesy of the Artist
Bharatanatyam diva, Malavika Sarukkai, shares her views on dance, art and life with Sanjeevini Dutta as they take a taxi ride in Chennai. Approaching her fourth decade as a performer, Sarukkai says, “I am done with decorations; I want to convey the essence..”. 

Malavika Sarukkai needs no introduction- for over three decades she has given audiences some of their most unforgettable dance experiences. Loved and respected in India as well as on the international dance circuit, she has achieved  a well-deserved eminence. Sarukkai's physical beauty, chaste technique, smouldering sensuality and spiritual steadfastness make her a stand-alone artist. 


Credit: Kathy Hinde

Sadhana Dance

Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, London

Sat, 2012-03-03

Sadhana Dance opened their second production Elixir following its premiere in Eastleigh, at The Place Theatre, London, to a full house of mainly dance cognoscenti. The Company, formed by Subathra Subramanyam following the disbanding of Angika (a partnership with Mayuri Boonham, which had pioneered some of the best in British South Asian dance), established with Elixir that audiences are now enriched by the two independent companies that have emerged.

Icon of the Kathak World

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Credit: Sanjeevini Dutta
Birju Maharaj dance class
Patidar Centre, Wembley 
21st October 2011
Reviewed by Sanjeevini Dutta
Fri, 2011-10-21

Icon of the kathak world, Birju Maharajji has been practising and meditating on his art form since the age of five. He is now seventy-two, so the sheer passage of time combined with his immense natural ability has made him the foremost creator of kathak. How do we know this? Witness his Renaissance-man prowess in mastering dance, music (vocal, harmonium and tabla), poetry and literature and a bit of sketching in his spare time.

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