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Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Some acts to look out for at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer.

Dance & Physical Theatre

Booking Dance Festival – Split Bill | The Bang Group bangs rhythm full force with smiles in tow while Antara Bhardwaj elegantly counterbalances with kathak beats. 16 – 17 August | Venue 150

Ihayami Masala | Scotland’s Indian dance company Dance Ihayami invites you to a mesmerising mixture of Indian and Celtic rhythms. Dance Masala will be followed by a classical Indian dance workshop. All welcome to join in. Indian snacks included. 1 – 24 August | LifeCare Centre | www. danceihayami.org

India Flamenco | Three dancers and a traditional vocalist/musician make up this act. India Flamenco tells the story of gypsies who travel and share their knowledge and it is by means of this story that the fusion of dance styles comes about. 1 – 24 August | Alba Flamenca

Tashi Lhunpo Tibetan Monks  | An insight into the world of sacred music and monastic dance from the contemplative chant of Buddhist texts to the majestic brocade-costumed masked dances. Musical instruments from the tantric tradition are used: the conch-shell trumpet, horns made from human leg bones, and skull-drums; the powerful sound of the dungchen or long horns is accompanied by cymbals, bells and drums. 18 – 23 August | Quaker Meeting House Theatre

The Bridge  | A new play blending text, sound and visual design, framed by a remarkable story, traced back through a family’s memories from present-day to a young writer and scholar in pre-independence Kerala, India. Defying convention and poverty to realise his dreams, the fortunes of the generations that followed are shaped. 1 – 25 August | Venue 127

Different is Dangerous | Two’s Company’s Different is Dangerous gives an insight into the lives of the Asian community in Leeds: from unprovoked attacks, hijabs and segregation to Coronation Street, boyfriends and Tupac. 19 – 23 August | Venue 260

Singarevva and the Palace | Set in a village in North Karnataka, Singarevva and the Palace is the tale of a beautiful woman whose life is repeatedly commodified and manipulated by her greedy father, an impotent husband and an obsessive lover. A lifetime of disappointments and frustrations makes Singarevva a bitter woman who finds her own way to exact revenge on her abusers. Performed by Taruna Jamalamadaka of Theatre Nisha. 12 – 17 August | Sweet Grassmarket

Unsung | Playwright and activist Ayndrilla Singharay’s modern re-imagining of Punishment, a short story about love, family and sacrifice by Rabindranath Tagore: a perspective on honour-based violence. 30 July – 25 August | Venue 145 | www.redmaneproductions.co.uk


Flowers from the Desert  | Textiles from Western India. A magnificent exhibition selling printed and embroidered textiles from Western India. From the seventeenth century, Indian textiles have greatly influenced British fashion and design. This exhibition presents the beauty of floral decoration in traditional and modern textiles. Wall hangings, throws, etc. 1 – 26 August | Galerie Mirages

India Street | Newly-commissioned textile designs from Scotland and India provide a critical response to The Bombay Sample Book in the National Museum of Scotland’s archive. 1 – 31 August | Gayfield


Carnatic Nomad | Jyotsna Srikanth presents Carnatic Nomad, a traditional South Indian offering with classical, folk and contemporary South Indian compositions along with specially-commissioned new work. The concert will be preceded by a short talk on how to appreciate Carnatic music. 11 – 16 August | theSpace on the Mile

Nordic Raga  | Nordic Raga was formed because Swedish folk musicians Pär Moberg (saxophone and flute) and Dan Svensson (percussion and vocals) wanted inspiration for how to work with improvisation in Scandinavian folk music, where this is traditionally rare. They invited the leading lady of Indian Carnatic violin, Jyotsna Srikanth, to work with them. 11 – 16 August | Acoustic Music Centre @St Bride’s

Edinburgh Fringe Festival | 1st – 24th August 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014