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Birangona: Women of War

Moryom is a young woman who loves the taste of tamarind, the smell of her mother, and holding her husband’s hand. It is 1971, the year that...


Akademi proudly presents the brightest South Asian artists who provide an adventurous take on the grass root styles of Indian...

Arun Ghosh Quintet: A South Asian Suite

This special performance features Arun Ghosh’s indojazz chamber work, A South Asian Suite....

Yaa Devi

Inspired by the theme of goddesses and female empowerment, Devika Rao in collaboration with Katie Ryan, ...

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Hindutva and South Asian Dance in Britain

Article By: Jasmine Lail
                                      With the Indian elections under way, Narendra Modi and the BJP...Read More
Volunteers of RSS gate for Founder's Day Amritsar November 2013 | Photo: Narinder Nanu/AFP/Getty Images

The Chennai Margazhi Festival

Article By: Sooraj Subramaniam
Sooraj Subramaniam experiences the Chennai Season, with its dust and its sensory delights. Photo: Simon RichardsonRead More
Sooraj Subramaniam | Photo: Simon Richardson

Angira Kotal- Sangeet Ratna In Conversation with Sanjeevini Dutta

Article By: Sanjeevini Dutta
Angira Kotal tells Sanjeevini Dutta about the musical journey which has brought her to the Sangeet RatnaRead More
Angira Kotal.JPG

Samakaala – A Festival of Contemporary Dances

Article By: Ileana Citaristi
Ileana Citaristi comments on a welcome addition to the national panorama of dance festivals.Read More
Grace | Photo credit: Ghanesh Sahoo

This is my culture, International Women's Day

Article By: Sitara Thobani
 Odissi dancer Sitara Thobani's address at the British Parliament celebrations for IWD, reflecting on the cultural heritage that empowers her as a modern woman  Read More

Preview: Artist Profile on Vidhya Subramaniam

Article By: Jahnavi Harrison
Image Credit: S. Anwar  Celebrated bharatanatyam exponent, Vidya Subramaniam,is in the UK to give two consecutive performances: Bhavan, London (7th) and Capstone, Liverpool (8th December)....Read More
Credit: S. Anwar

The Art of Critical Writing

Article By: Lucinda Al-Zoghbi
Earlier this year, in April to be exact, we launched the Art of Critical Writing, a short course enabling budding arts critics to fine-tune their analytical skills over an afternoon of practical...Read More
Image Credit: Yasmin Khan

Olympic Opening Ceremony hits home

Article By: Sanjeevini Dutta
 Sanjeevini Dutta muses on what made the Olympic Opening ceremony so appealing to the vast audiences watching.Read More

Choreographic Collision

Article By: Elena Jacinta
Image Credit: Alvise Nicoletti  Elena Jacinta divides her time between her native Latvia and the UK where she is not only a trained bharatanatyam dancer (she trained with some of the great in...Read More
Image Credit: Alvise Nicoletti

Milton Keynes Finds its Dancing Feet!

Article By: Urja Desai Thakore
Milton Keynes Dance Festival 2012  13-15 July Read More
Credit: Courtesy of the Artist

Darbar: Iconic Sitar to Mesmerising Carnatic Ragas

Iconic Sitar to Mesmerising Carnatic Ragas

21 September 2013

Darbar Festival, Purcell Room, London

Reviewed by Ken Hunt

This double bill concluded the third day of the eighth Darbar F...Read More
Reviewed By: Ken Hunt

Anupama Bhagwat
Sudha Ragunathan


Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
Reviewed by Sanjeevini Dutta



 Cymbeline, one of Shakespeare's later plays, has been described by Bernard Shaw as 'stagey thrash' for its multiple-plot lines and predictable outcomes. Phizzical's production ably directed by Samir Bhamra re-locates the narrative...Read More
Reviewed By: Sanjeevini Dutta

Sophie Khan Levy and Tony Hasnath

Transposed Rhythm And The Saraswati Veena

 Darbar Festival, Purcell Room, London

Reviewed by Ken Hunt

 Transposed Rhythm And The Saraswati Veena was the inaugural double bill of the 2013 Darbar Festival. This Indian classical music festival, its artistic director Sandeep Virdee explained from the stage, was first held in 2006 in Leicester to commemorate the tabla gu...Read More
Reviewed By: Review by Ken Hunt


The Indian Tempest

Indian Tempest

Shakespeare’s Globe, 3rd August 2013

Reviewed by Sita Thomas

Sail sheets buffeting in the wind, cascading fishing nets, tantalising shanty music, and a single silhouetted shadow figure dancing, t...Read More
Reviewed By: Sita Thomas



Unsung: a play by Ayndrilla Singharay

Dartington Tagore Festival, 30th June 2013

Unsung is a retelling of Shasti, ('Punishment'), Rabindranath Tagore's short story or...Read More
Reviewed By: Carla Contractor


Sonia Sabri Company

Sonia Sabri Company is a dynamic company which has established an international reputation for presenting Kathak dance in a contemporary context.

The company creates work relevant to modern...Read More


Seeta Patel

Born in London, Seeta began training under the guidance of Kiran Ratna in 1990 and has since worked with a range of Bharata Natyam and contemporary dance professionals.  She has furthered her...Read More


Shane Shambhu Company

Born in the east end of London, Shane Shambhu trained extensively in bharatanatyam before joining Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company.  Shane has worked with an array of artists and companies...Read More


Srishti is an independent South Asian dance organisation run by Nina Rajarani MBE.  Resident company at Harrow Arts Centre, Srishti encompasses Nina Rajarani Dance School, Yuva Culture...Read More


Directed by Mayuri Boonham, ATMA is a vibrant dance company that presents inspirational contemporary work using bharatanatyam to create an eloquent, unpredictable dance aesthetic. By pushing a...Read More

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company

Born in Chennai, Shobana Jeyasingh trained in bharatanatyam with Samraj Pallai.  Moving to London, she founded her eponymous company in 1988. At the forefront of contemporary South Asian...Read More


Sadhana, directed by Subathra Subramaniam, seeks to create innovative connections between the arts and sciences through the medium of South Asian dance.  With eleven years experience as co-...Read More


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