The Bridge / True Brits at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Bridge

Just Festival (Venue 127) | 20.30

Until 25 August 2014 

'He lives whose name is spoken.'

This multimedia piece is writer and performer Annie George's deeply personal journey in...Read More

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Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Albemarle Gallery, London

1 – 23 August 2014

Reviewed by Emma Murphy

Indian Summer consists of hazy, smoky, sunshine and soaring temperatures in lat...Read More

Brinda Miller Chudasama, Speed of Light III
Jayshree Kapoor: Prayer Flowers
Meena: Leaves
Meena: Untitled
Meenakshi: Untitled
Devika Rao: Yaa Devi

An enthusiastic audience gathered in Birmingham for the first UK performance of Yaa Devi, a new work in development from bharatanatyam artist Devika Rao which promises to explore the themes of goddesses and female empowerment through four dance styles: bharatanatyam; kathak; odissi and yakshagana...Read More

Yaa Devi
Kiran Ahluwalia

Kiran Ahluwalia
The Jazz Cafe Camden, London
  Ken Hunt

The Bristol, UK-based Asian Arts Agency’s announcement that Kiran Ahluwalia was making her London concert debut at long last was a cause of genuine excitement. Since the Toronto-based singer released Kashish – Attraction, her...Read More

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Deep Within



Anita Chanda
Deep Within
The Fountain Gallery, Hampton Court, East Mosely
Until Sunday 27th April 2014
Reviewed by Emma Murphy
The concept of adornment and veiling permeates Deep Within, an immensely personal journey for Indian artist Anita Chanda.  Chanda, who...Read More

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