Unlock Sound from the printed page with the TalkingPEN!

Pulse Print subscribers can access the magazine’s illuminating audio content using the talkingPEN.  Hear... an excerpt of the CD being reviewed...the soundtrack to a new dance production...the voice of the artist being interviewed...the talkingPEN adds a new dimension to the Pulse experience!

The TalkingPEN is a small portable device run on two AAA batteries.  With MP3 and scanning technology, audio files saved to the pen are played when the pen touches printed hotspots in the magazine. The pen has 500mb of memory, built-in speakers, external speaker ports and a USB cable. Very easy to use with free audio file downloads for each new issue of Pulse, the talkingPEN uniquely combines sound with the printed page.

From March 2011 Pulse is introducing the RecorderPEN: a new, more reliable model of the TalkingPEN with the added recording function.  The new pen will read sound spots more quickly and effectively to add to the current Pulse TalkingPEN experience.  The recording function will enable users to record their own sounds to save onto self-adhesive sound spots.

Coming soon...

Understanding Raga
Dharambir Singh’s enlightening series on the concept of Raga will be published in booklet format, bringing together each section in print and sound.

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