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Diksha Murli

Diksha Murli- Classical music, a grandmother’s gift

Diksha is fourteen years old and a Year 10 Student at Herschel Grammar School in Slough. Diksha is studying Carnatic classical vocal music with Y Yadavan and Hindustani vocal with Prabhat Rao. She is preparing for Parampara at the Bhavan Centre on 21st June, where she will be joining her Hindustani Vocal teacher, Prabhat Rao. Diksha Murli talks to Gopa Roy

Can you remember your first memory of music? What first drew you?

My (paternal) grandmother came to stay with us from Mumbai for a few months when I was seven. She taught me the basics of Carnatic music and my love of it grew from there. 

After that we had to search for a teacher and I have been studying with Shri Y Yadavan.

My whole family loves music. Both my grandmothers sing. 

Why do you love music?

There are so many reasons. I can express myself, whether I’m sad or gloomy. Singing can cheer me up, I can escape reality. There’s the way the melody flows, with the words. 

How does it fit into the rest of your life, with school work and friends?

All my friends and teachers know I sing. My teacher at school loves it too, and I sing at school concerts. I don’t struggle to find time to practise, I still do both. My friends encourage me to sing more. I’m always talking about it! They really support me, and I love them for that.

Do you have any favourite singers, in either or both styles?

I’d rather focus on my music, although I love both teachers’ and grandmothers’ music. Both styles are very different, I don’t have a favourite.

What would you say about the cultural links the music gives you?

Tamil is the language at home, and I relate to the culture of Indian music; but my main language is English. I can’t relate to pop music so much – though I still am a 21st-century teenager!

How do you see your future in music? Might you want to make it your career and would you have the support?

I would love to make it my career. It’s never been just a hobby for me. I’ll always have it, I’ll never let it go.

Do you have an aim for the June concert?

I’d like people to recognise what I do. I want to inspire teenagers out there.