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Pulse is an independent on-line publishing platform, a charity, that spotlights South Asian arts in the UK and worldwide. Our mission is to position South Asian arts as an integral part of mainstream society and be a supportive and critical friend to the sector.


Our quality, impartial journalism, well-researched articles, evocative images and relevant topics over the last twenty years have made Pulse the go-to publication for the thinking artist and discerning audiences.

In 2017, we revolutionalised our approach. From a print magazine we rebranded as an online publication. Our thoughtful content, free weekly newsletter and social media feeds have meant that we are accessible to wider audiences.

Building this network of interconnectivity requires a responsive way of working and this is where you can help. To support the evolving work of Pulse, we are asking for small but regular donations from as little as £3 to £10 per month for individuals and £10 to £20 for organisations. We would also welcome a one-off donation, if you prefer. 

What your donation will typically fund: 

£25 one review

£75 one newsletter

£100 one article of 1200 words